Would you like to spend your night in a lovely tourism farm, located in Saaremaa, for only 13 euros?

and enjoy your holiday here...

Uustalu turismitalu

If you answer is "Yes", then you have just found the right place – our tourism farm in the middle of Saaremaa pure nature!

Here is a perfect place for people who are tired of busy and nervous city life, and prefer to enjoy the purity of nature, bird song, relaxing sauna, and spend quality time with their family, friends or colleagues.

Moreover, you have a great change to go back in time, see historical farm complex and a windmill. Everybody is welcomed: single persons, families and bigger groups. In previous agreement with the host family it is also possible to organize longer events, such as reunions or companies' summer days, etc.

Tourism Farm offers various possibilities to spend your leisure time, which all are presented in the right side of the present page. Apart from these activities, it is also possible to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Saaremaa, and enjoy mushrooming and picking berries in the forests nearby.

For accommodation we offer an opportunity to rent entire cottage or half of it. It is also possible to stay in smaller rooms or use accommodation in a granary. During bigger events we additionally offer home accommodation. Our price list is presented below:

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Bathing sauna barrel

Relaxing, and offers enjoyment for the whole evening.
Price: from €32/ per night


Price: €8 equipment for one person + €0,07 one ball


Price: from €19/ per night

Tuhkana beach

Only 3km from tourist farm is one of the most beautiful beaches in Saaremaa.


Various places for barbequing and making bon fire can be found in our tourism farm.

Bicycle rent

Price in agreement with the host family

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Price: €5/ per person

Transport service

Price in agreement with the host family
Aidamajutus The granary was built at the end of 19th century and now has been reconstructed for accommodation. It is a good choice for people who prefer cheaper and historical stay. Shower is included in the price.
Price: €13/ per person
AidamajutusOffers accommodation up to 7 people, 3 double beds and 1 single bed. There is a refrigerator in the house and it is possible to cook. House includes shower, toilet and sauna. Perfect for bigger groups.
Price €79/ 24h
NB! From 3rd day €64/ 24h


If the group is smaller
(up to 3 people), it is possible to rent half of the cottage.
Price: €20/ per person
When organizing bigger events in tourism farm, such as reunions, companies' summer days, etc, it is additionally possible to use home accommodation.
Price: €15/ per person

* NB! Children under 12 half price

We are located in Metsküla village, Leisi parish, north-Saaremaa, which is 35-minutes drive from Kuressaare and 45-minutes drive from Kuivastu port. Precise instructions can be found here.

Enjoy your holiday!

Uustalu family

Book your stay by calling +372 51 604 51 or send us an email!